Keeping the Dream Alive

Well, here it is. If you have accessed my website then you will see that my new book has been published. A link to buy it from Amazon will soon be on the site. I feel like sitting down and reading it again myself because I think it is so much better than the first one and I enjoyed reading it over and over while editing it. The ISBN number is 978 1 84748 299 0. So, if you would rather order it from a bookshop, you can use that number. It is not only about Miami; it includes my travels to New Zealand, Trinidad and Vancouver. All the things which happened in the school are true but I have changed a number a characters for a variety of reasons. Enjoy !

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  1. in your class on May 7th, 2009

    Hey,mrs how are you? I live in Doha,Qatar. You teach me. I am in your class (the Gulf English School). I want to tell you that you are great and a very kind teacher. I am in year 7

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