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Grandchild Number 6

Many apologies for the lack of blogging recently. A special apology to my new grandson, William, who was born on 19th April for taking so long to announce his birth to the world. My only excuse is that I am very, very busy at work but am still loving my job here in Singapore. If I’m not working, which is rare, someone always seems to have an idea of something to do, e.g. my boss and I went to a production of ‘Macbeth’ last night. She asked if I’d like to go at 4.30pm and, after teaching until 6.30, we were at the theatre by 7.15pm. Anyway, back to the grandkids. Holly is 2 days off being 6. She and Bryn are now at school and nursery school. Santiago and Adriana are thriving in Spain and are both going to be bilingual so I hope they will teach me Spanish some day. What I need from Matilda is some of her energy – which brings me back to her new baby brother, William. Like me, he is a Water Dragon. The Chinese people here were very excited to welcome the Year of the Dragon. No word of my other “babies” – my books – being republished but I live in hope and some day I must get round to starting number 4 !