Christmas, New Year and a Special Birthday

I spent 5 weeks in Glasgow, in December and January, helping my son and his business partner with the Christmas orders. It was hard work but was really enjoyable. What was not enjoyable was the weather, with temperatures dropping as low as -11C. The pavements were like skating rinks and just getting from the house to the car was scary. Sitting watching my grandson playing football was when I felt coldest but it was a joy to see him playing so well. By the time the family arrived from Spain, it was not so bad but it did rain a lot. There were special moments – especially when my 6 grandchildren all got together and I have a wonderful photo of them all. They are now aged 10 to 16 and are all so successful in their different fields of expertise. I cannot believe that I am now 70. What a great birthday I had this year! My daughter, Susan, treated me to a weekend in London which was amazing. We saw the 29,005th showing of ‘The Mousetrap’, had great meals out, met up with my wonderful friend, Elspeth, walked through Hyde Park and then there was a special treat – the Afternoon-Tea Tour Bus which consisted of a 90-minute tour of central London while eating afternoon tea. Bliss! After flying back here, the celebrations never seemed to end with a Skype call to the family in Glasgow, a joint party for my birthday and my grandson’s 14th birthday and meeting up with lots of friends here who kindly gave me presents. Other celebrations are still to come with a family holiday to Portugal in April and another to Egypt in October. This year would have been our Golden Wedding year. Sadly, that was not to be but my family and friends have certainly made up for that by making me feel very special in my 70th year. Thank You All!!

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