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Thank you

I wanted to thank all you lovely people who have read my book and have given me such positive feedback. The bad weather has kept me indoors lately which has been good for my second book which is storming along now. Thank you, too, to those of you who have ordered ‘Lessons Learned’ and thanks to everyone who is spreading the word about it.

Book shops/ISBN number

I meant to say that my book can also be ordered from any book shop using the ISBN number. Don’t ask me why but it has a 10-digit one and a 13-digit one.


10-digit is : 1 84748 025 X


13-digit is : 978 1 84748 025 5

Book Now on Sale

The first place I found my book for sale was on You can order it from there for the full price of £8.99. I then tried and there it was, with a reduction of about $4. I kept trying but it must have been overloaded by Harry Potter orders and then, suddenly, there it was, with 20% off the price. So you can buy it there for £7.19. I clicked on the ‘Books’ section and then I put  ‘Dorothy Cottrell’ in and pressed ‘GO’. It came up as the second item for sale. A small number of people have read it now and all the feedback has been positive which shocked me because I was not as happy with the final book as I thought I would be and did not expect people to like it but it seems they do ! Of course, all these people know me and most ‘heard me telling them the story’ as they read it. If nothing else, it may prop up a wobbly table leg ! I am about half-way through writing the next one, set in Miami, and I really like it so far.

Happy Reading !   Dorothy.