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My Trip to Glasgow

I would like to wish anyone reading this a Happy New Year. Take care, stay safe and stay strong in 2021 please!

Each December, I like to go to Glasgow to help my son and his business partner in their busiest month. This year, however, was a bit of a challenge. A friend said that the title of my latest book – ‘In a Class of Her Own’ – was an appropriate title for my book and it did feel like that as I wondered who else but me would take a 3-plane journey from Northern Spain to Glasgow during a global pandemic? There were flight cancellations and airport changes, timing the journey to the airport after the Spanish nightly curfew and an important online form to fill in, print and carry on the journey but, after changing planes in Madrid and Heathrow, I finally arrived safely in Glasgow. After 14 days of quarantine in my son’s house, I finally started work and, boy, did we all work hard! Orders were flooding in every day and it was great to see the business thriving and to be part of that, if only in a very small way, through my proofreading twice a year remotely and my hard work for the month of December. We all had an enjoyable Christmas although it could only be spent with part of our family due to restrictions. Too soon it was time to leave. This proved to be even harder than getting there in the first place. I spent so many hours on the phone talking to B.A., I felt as if some of the wonderful people I spoke to were new-found friends. It was impossible to get a PCR test because of the holidays so I only had one option. The first task was to persuade the woman at Glasgow Airport to check myself and my luggage as far as LHR. Once there, I collected my luggage and joined the queue for my pre-booked LAMP test. I had to wait 90 minutes for the result but it felt good to have the certificate in my hand and I was able to board the next 2 planes and I finally arrived home. I had left my son’s house at 4am and got home at 9.30pm Spanish time but what a joy to be home – before Brexit and before Madrid Airport was closed because of snow!