I must be getting old. I found it so difficult to proofread my latest book. There have been a number of reasons. It is much longer than my previous books. I was able to proofread them on hard copies but printing this one in order to proofread it did not seem like an environmentally-friendly idea. I found it difficult to remain fully concentrated on the task in hand when it was on my screen. The next problem was that I had changed all the names of the characters on which the book was based and I even changed some genders too. Keeping track of all that was very difficult at times. The final problem was that it was one thing to live through all the experiences in the book without having to read about them over and over again and relive them. I got to the stage where I just had to stop and hope that I had found all the mistakes but I am still breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of all the mistakes I could have missed. (A Million Thanks to my publishers for being so patient with me.) Of course, there will probably not be a great number of people who will read the book. Especially with this one, I wrote it to document for my six grandchildren what a crazy life their Nana had lived – and survived !

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