London and Seville

It had been some years since my last stay in London so I decided to have a 2-week holiday there followed by 2 weeks in Seville in September. My great friends in London, with whom I stayed, are now a wonderful family of 4 generations and are all a joy to be with. There we were doing to usual things I have missed, especially going into the centre of London to see a show and eat out. This time, there was even a surprise as we walked into Leicester Square and found ourselves in the middle of the excitement of a world premiere about to take place. The film was ‘Ticket to Paradise’. If it hadn’t been for large boarding, we would have seen George Clooney and Julia Roberts close up but we settled for watching them on a big screen. All that was usual then changed when the Queen died. A great sadness descended over London as well as many places around the world. We went to see the floral tributes and saw everything being set up for the funeral. Meanwhile, my daughter, Susan, paid her respects at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. Her daughter, Holly, had met the Queen when she opened the Queensferry Crossing Bridge and Susan had taken a photo of the hearse carrying the Queen’s coffin as it exited the bridge on its way to Edinburgh. I was in Seville when the funeral took place and I watched it on BBC World in my hotel room. I found lots of things to see in Seville. My favourite things were seeing the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the spectacular cathedral, seeing the amazing Plaza de Espana, the huge, wooden “Mushrooms” sculpture and eating lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe which was in a beautiful building and had very interesting memorabilia. I also have to mention that the family and I had a lovely holiday in Asturias in July when we visited a safari park which was as good as Busch Gardens (without the roller coasters) and an interesting dinosaur museum. There were lots of places to visit amid the gorgeous scenery of Asturias. Now my thoughts turn to Glasgow where I will be spending 5 weeks in December/January helping my son and his business partner with the Christmas orders. It’s a “labour of Love”.

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