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Another Grandchild on the Way

Yes, my news is that Sarah is expecting their second child and my 5th grandchild in November. She had a scan yesterday and she was told the baby is “perfect” which is great news. My job is still going well and I am enjoying the combination of teaching Maths and Music. Outside school, my landlord and landlady treat me like one of their family and are wonderfully kind to me. Apart from a week of violent thunderstorms, which I didn’t like, I’m getting used to the weather here. Not like me to spend money on myself and it wasn’t exactly a treat but I had to go to the dentist and a lovely lady dentist has sorted out my teeth after many years of avoiding dentists. The family all met up at Susan’s for Easter. They sent me lots of photos and videos and I also spoke to everyone on Skype. On Susan’s birthday, I was able to help to blow out the candles on her cake but, sadly, no one could work out how to feed me a bit of cake through the computer !