My 5th Grandchild

Grandchild number 5 has arrived and she is absolutely gorgeous. Adriana was born in Spain on 18th November. She was a week late but weighed in at 3.1kg/6lbs13ozs. Her brother, Santiago, is very happy to have a new baby sister. I have seen them all on Skype but cannot wait to see them all in person. I am going to Glasgow for Christmas and Spain for New Year, spending about 10 days in each place. Before that, I am organising a Christmas Concert here in my roll as the Music Teacher. I am enjoying all the Maths and Music I do here in Singapore and, although I work long hours, I just love my job. I have also made good friends and enjoy a good social life. Lots of things are the same all year round in Singapore – the daily temperature of about 30C and the 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. However, what does change is the amount of rain and thunder we get each day. At the moment, that amount is quite high ! I have Christmas and New Year to look forward to and also the arrival of grandchild number 6 at the end of April.

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